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About Us

AzCATI offers innovative research, education and collaboration opportunities that collectively help to advance algae technology platforms. Since inception in 2010 with a $4 million grant from Science Foundation Arizona, AzCATI has grown with a research portfolio of more than $35 million USD in federal, state and private funding.

We have close ties and collaboration with other centers and researchers at ASU as well as significant collaborative, ongoing research with many of the national labs and key academic performers across the United States. Through our DOE funded ATP3 consortium, we offer access to world class laboratory and outdoor testbeds, educational opportunities to raise awareness about the benefits of algae technology, and contribute interdisciplinary platforms to improve STEM education, and applied training programs for workforce development.

As a part of the ASU’s LightWorks initiative, AzCATI is embedded within the Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University and located on the Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, AZ.